Inductees Alphabetical
Beautiful plaques hang in the foyer of our magnificent Civic Center honoring the inductees and listing their accomplishments. Click inductee's name for further details.

1960 Bradley Basketball Team
1960 Caterpillar Basketball Team
1960 Manual Football Team
1960 Richwoods Golf Team
1962 Richwoods Golf Team
1962 Manual Football Team
1963 Peoria Central Football Team
1964 Bradley Basketball Team
1964 Pekin Basketball Team
1964 Peoria Central Football Team
1965 Manual Baseball Team
1965 Pekin Football Team
1965 Pekin Lettes Softball Team
1965 Spalding Football Team
1966 Metamora Football Team
1967 Pekin Basketball Team
1967 Spalding Football Team
1967-71 Peoria Central Tennis Team
1968 Manual Baseball Team
1968 Metamora Football Team
1969 Richwoods Football Team
1969 Spalding Basketball Team
1971 Richwoods Football Team
1971/72 Richwoods Boys Swim Team
1972 Richwoods Football Team
1973-74 Richwoods Boys Basketball Team
1974-75 Richwoods Boys Basketball Team
1975-76 Richwoods Boys Basketball Team
1974 Pekin Golf Team
1974 Peoria Central Football Team
1975 Manual Football Team
1975 Metamora Football Team
1976 Manual Football Team
1976-77 Washington Girl's Basketball Team
1977 Elmwood Cross Country Team
1977 Manual Football Team
1977 Peoria Central Basketball Team
1980 Bergan Cross Country Team
1980 Bergan Basketball Team
1981 Bergan Cross Country Team
1981 Bergan Girl's Track Team
1982 Bergan Girl's Track Team
1982 Bradley Basketball Team
1982 ICC Softball Team
1982 ICC Men's Basketball Team
1983 Bergan Girl's Track Team
1983 Dunlap Golf Team
1983 Richwoods Girl's Basketball Team
1983 Elmwood Cross Country Team
1984 Elmwood Cross Country Team
1985 Elmwood Cross Country Team
1984 Morton Baseball Team
1984 Richwoods Football Team
1985 Peoria Rivermen Hockey Team
1985 Washington Football Team
1985-86 Bradley Basketball Team
1986 Manual Girl's Basketball Team
1988 Richwoods Football Team
1989 Central Basketball Team
1989 Farmington SoftballTeam
1990 Rivermen Hockey Team
1990 Tremont Boys Cross Country Team
1991 Farmington SoftballTeam
1992 ICC Woman's Basketball Team
1992 Limestone Girl's Basketball Team
1993 ICC Woman's Basketball Team
1993 Pekin Boy's Golf Team
1994 Eureka Basketball Team

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